Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

While imparting a fondness for Oral, Dental, and Maxillofacial Surgery to our students, our foremost objective is to create an environment where they acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and etiquette that a dentist must possess. Our department’s field of study encompasses oral diseases, dentoalveolar surgery, preprosthetic surgery, implant surgery, infections of teeth and associated tissues / cysts and benign tumors, dental and maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery, and treatments for temporomandibular joint and muscles. Surgical treatment services are administered in surgical theaters, under local or general anesthesia, facilitating the acquisition of the necessary proficiency and expertise.

Doç. Dr. Anıl ÖZYURT
Anabilim Dalı Başkanı
Prof. Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU
Arş. Gör. Dt. Salih OFLİOĞLU
Arş. Gör. Dt. Fırat GÜNEŞ
Arş. Gör. Dt. Naz Deniz KOŞER
Arş. Gör. Dt.Ali Reyyan CANBAZ

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