Mission & Vision

Dean Message

Our Mission Welcoming our first students in the 2021-2022 academic year, we inaugurated our Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center, and commenced providing services in 2021.   Our students are privileged to experience the culture of our health campus, influenced by our planned social responsibility projects. They encounter the responsibilities and maturity that the medical profession entails at an early stage.   We jointly manage our master’s program encompassing clinical and scientific education, in collaboration with the Institute of Health Sciences. We are working towards establishing a flexible doctoral program that allows researchers to generate translational scientific projects in their areas of interest, aiming to prevent the excessive focus on clinical education as opposed to scientific research during the course of doctoral studies. We have established the necessary conditions to provide specialized training in dentistry.   Addressing a significant regional gap, we have initiated the provision of oral and dental health services under general anesthesia. Leveraging the advantages of being situated within the Dokuz Eylül University İnciraltı Health Campus, we synchronize our efforts with other medical disciplines, thereby positively contributing to the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.   All our endeavors are conducted through a collective approach and a spirit of solidarity. Our shared priority is to cultivate a service-oriented ethos within the Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Dentistry, uniting students, faculty members, and administrative staff.   Our vision Throughout history, humanity has always been in pursuit of improvement. This universal pursuit can serve humanity when it follows the path of reason and science. Higher education is the path of reason and science, contributing to the formation and maturity of an individual’s identity. Inspired by Atatürk’s quote, ‘The one who loves their country the most is the one who fulfills their duty the best,’ we can outline our goals under three main headings.

  1. Education: In dental education, we aim to be aligned with the programs of the world’s highest-ranking higher education institutions. Our primary duty is to train ethical, compassionate, lifelong learners who utilize current technology based on evidence-based medicine, remain committed to the Hippocratic oath, are solution-oriented, and can serve as role models in society. In addition to the National Core Education Program for Dental Education, we are striving to provide our students with the following knowledge and experiences:
  1. Science: In the scientific realm, in addition to the master’s program we have already initiated and can serve as a model for other dental faculties in Turkey, we are also in the preparation stages for a doctoral program. These programs will share a focus on multidisciplinary scientific projects. With this in mind, we aim to become a reference center for controlled clinical studies in the future.
  1. Oral and Dental Health Service: Upholding high-quality standards and utilizing the resources of a hospital, we strive to become a reference treatment center for our patients, prioritizing those from the Aegean Region as well as from across Turkey and abroad within the scope of health tourism.”

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to train qualified Dentists who protect and improve oral and dental health through evidence-based practices, in line with the mission, vision, and core values adopted by Dokuz Eylül University in its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

Our vision is to prioritize career opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry through postgraduate and specialization programs, fostering a research and development ecosystem. By doing so, we aim to make cumulative contributions to our research-oriented university

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